The Ahmadiyya Muslim Lawyers Association

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Lawyers Association, USA is an ancillary organization of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. AMLA is comprised of Ahmadi Muslim legal professionals dedicated to the human and civil rights of persecuted Ahmadi Muslims worldwide. Our mission is to provide legal assistance to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community worldwide.

We offer legal assistance and guidance to the community at large, individual Ahmadi Muslims. AMLA is dedicated towards providing career services and assistance to Ahmadi students in law school, pre-law programs, or students interested in the study of law. The network of lawyers within AMLA work together to offer comprehensive legal support.

AMLA is committed to developing professional relationship and stimulate positive interactions between AMLA and other legal foundations, associations and organizations.

Joining AMLA

Legal professionals who join AMLA gain access to a wealth of legal resources and legal minds.

Who Can Join?
Legal professionals in the United States dedicated to the cause of Islam Ahmadiyyat, which includes: Licensed Attorneys, Juris Doctors, Juris Doctor Candidates, and Attorneys and/or Retired Judges from another country.

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Jamaat Resources

AMLA is a special resource for Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community ("Jama'at"). Whenever there is any legal inquiry, Jama'at members can rest in peace knowing AMLA is working for them.

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